Muchera - The Brand Logo September 01 2013

Muchera offers baseball and softball sports performance apparel for serious players. Our innovative Sliding Pants are designed to protect more of your legs than traditional sliding shorts to protect you from abrasions when sliding and diving.  When athletes slip on the sliding gear, the practice t-shirt, the wristbands, you're wearing an experience. The isn't just a logo..... it's confidence!

When I created the logo, I wanted something simple and bold. I wanted to put this logo on my chest, sleeve, calf, forehead, wherever, and feel unstoppable out there on the field.  I want to feel like a super hero as I perform. It's confidence like this that turns a B game into an A game.  Talent is nice to have, but the love of the game and a bit of confidence can go a long way in turning an average talent player into an All-Star.

You see, talent only takes you so far.  Hard work takes you further.  It's hard work and practice that emphasizes confidence. If you lack talent but you love the game, confidence becomes your nitro booster and your opponents kryptonite.

I once worked for a guy who owned and managed a baseball and softball training facility who told me that "It's not practice makes perfect..... it's PERFECT practice makes perfect!"  I still believe that perfect practice gets results, I still think of that quote and experience it in my daily life.  I want to push that thought, that confidence, and that love for what I do into the Muchera brand so that you can wear it proudly, feel good about playing the game and win despite your talent level.

So the boldness of the logo symbolizes confidence, the design offers a bit of a super hero appeal whether your male or female, and it's simple enough that you'll feel good wearing it.  Sliding pants will give you lightning speed, the practice t-shirt will help you "practice perfect", and the wristbands will mentallyspeed up your bat!  Wear the logo proud and be unstoppable on the bases, on the mound and at the plate!