Muchera Partners with Pinnacle Fastpitch October 01 2013

Pinnacle Fastpitch was founded with a vision to provide a customizable high touch collegiate recruiting service for student athletes.  

The mission at Pinnacle Fastpitch is to provide guidance that will make the recruiting process simpler and less frustrating for both student athletes and coaches. Our commitment is to be the leader in recruiting with personal interaction, innovative and creative ideas, unbiased player evaluations, and a disciplined business perspective to continuously support student athletes and coaches.


Muchera Partners with ISPS September 30 2013

Fishkill, NY, September 30, 2013 - Muchera, Founder and Designer, Mike Kuchera and International Slow Pitch Softball (ISPS) at, announced a partnership agreement effective August 1st.

We're extremely excited to partner with the ISPS to help take Muchera to the next level.  Our innovative Sliding Pants have been embraced by any softball player whose tried them on whether they're playing slow pitch or fast pitch. This partnership helps Muchera reach more slow pitch softball players all over the USA.

You can click the link to see what the ISPS offers:  ISPS

Muchera Sliding Pants offer protection for your legs that no other baseball or softball product offers.  We want to put our sliding pants in the hands of players, coaches and parents to try them on and feel the effects they will have on confidence and in-game performance.
Muchera, established in 2013, is a sports apparel brand start-up committed to providing innovative baseball and softball performance gear.  Muchera's patent pending Men's and Women's baseball and softball Sliding Pants are a 3/4 length, all-in-one, compression fit undergarment with moisture wicking abilities designed to protect athletes from abrasions when sliding and diving.  Muchera Sliding Pants have the unique ability to develop confidence and increase positive performance on the field without sacrificing style, comfort, and/or mobility.