About Us

Muchera Baseball Softball Sliding Pants Shorts, is a sports performance apparel brand startup committed to providing innovative baseball and softball athletic gear.  Muchera blasts off with a patent pending men's and women's baseball and softball sliding pant that's a 3/4 length, all-in-one, compression fit undergarment pant with quick-drying abilities designed to protect athletes from abrasions when sliding and diving.  Muchera Sliding Pants offer the unique ability to develop confidence and increase positive performance on the field without sacrificing style, comfort, and/or mobility.

Muchera, the brand, is all about confidence. We want you to wear our gear and feel unstoppable on the base paths, the court, or on the field.  Our products are like nothing else on the market!  Sliding Pants, our first product, were designed specifically by baseball and softball players who understand the way the game is played.  We paid attention to quality and craftsmanship, the small details, and produced a truly functional piece that will enhance your on-field performance.

If you thrive on all-out hustle but afraid to rip up your knees and shins sliding into second base, you need Sliding Pants. Turn your singles into doubles, doubles into triples and feel like Superman on the bases!  #SlidingPantsWinGames #OwnIt #Muchera