Dress Instructions

Muchera Sliding Pants could be a bit tricky to put on before a game or practice. We want to take special care of our sliders so it's important to understand the best way to dress.  As with any type of compression fit gear.....  the tighter the fit, the easier the rip!  Below are some best practices....

It's important to note that compression fit material, depending on the size and width of your legs and hips, will conform to your body as you dress.  This can put extra stress on the padding seams and the waistband seams. While Muchera Sliding Pants are built with quality in mind here in the USA (New York City to be exact), you can still rip the garment if you're not careful.  Don't say we didn't warn ya ;)
In short, when dressing, always pull up the slider by its padding, first the knees/shin pads, then by the thigh/hip pads. You don't want to put stress on the waistband when you pull up to avoid ripping.  For a more detailed instruction on how to dress...

:  Scrunch the left leg and put your left foot through the left leg hole.  While scrunched at the ankle, grab the top of the knee pad and pull the pad up so the top of the pad is covering the top of your knee cap. Then, scrunch the right foot side, put your foot through the right leg hole, grab the top of the knee pad and position the same as the left leg.  You should now have compression knee/shin padding and the rest of the slider scrunched at your knees.

:  Now grab the top of the thigh/hip pads and pull the slider up over your hips and buttocks while guiding the waistband up carefully to fit comfortably.  For you softball ladies out there, feel free to flip your waist band if the slider runs up to high on your belly. The compression fit will still help keep it in place during game play.

Some things to consider about fit:
a. Please take a look and consider our Size Chart before purchasing.
b. This design is tough to get the perfect fit considering all of the different body types out there, so our sizing is more general.  Most important, you want the top of the knee pads to cover the top of your knee cap and at least half of your shin (the end of the leg cuff should stop around mid-calf).  If the knee pads are positioned too high on you, you may want to move up a size.