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PROMO CODES:  We only accept one promo code per order.  Free shipping promo codes are for US orders only and include all Standard Shipping orders of 4-5 items or less.  Free ship promo codes do not include 2-day processing.  

If you're unsatisfied with your gear, you may return it in its new and unused condition for a full refund.  If your sliders are game-used, we will replace "defective" gear within 30 days. One exchange per customer only.  Please contact us at support@muchera.com first with your request for a refund or an exchange.

Considered "Defective" if:
- Ripping or separation of waistband from the main fabric
- Complete ripping or separation of any stitching or seams from its counterpart (excludes loose threads which are normal over time) 

Not considered "Defective" if:
- Any fabric wears down or rips over time/use
- The fabric covering the knee or thigh pads rips or wears down over time/use
- You slide and fabric rips upon impact


At this time, we do not offer paid return shipping on returns and exchanges. Customers will have to ship at their own expense. USPS Priority envelope is the cheapest option.  We're happy to honor a return or an exchange but we do not have a return shipping program set up yet.

**PLEASE NOTE:  While we take pride and care in the quality of our materials and craftsmanship when building the product, it's still important to follow the care/dress instructions below to ensure your sliders last as long as possible.  As with all sliding shorts, pants, pads, etc., it's expected the fabric will wear down over time.  Good care of your sliding pants should last 2-3 seasons under good conditions.

To best handle your gear, do a normal wash, warm or cold water, and tumble dry low.  Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as these may affect the quick-drying abilities as well as weaken the fabric over time. 


Size Chart

While Muchera prides itself on quality as the #1 priority, there is a best way to dress your sliders to ensure it doesn't rip.  Please take a look at this link for complete dressing instructions.  Remember, as with any type of compression fit gear..... the tighter the fit, the easier the rip!

Dress Instructions


Can I use Sliding Pants on turf?
Yes! Sliding Pants work on any playing surface (dirt, grass, clay, sand, and turf). Certainly, as with any fabric, sliding on gravel, rocks, concrete, etc., is NOT recommended.

Are Sliding Pants too hot to wear ..... when it's hot?
That's a loaded question! Sliding Pants are indeed an additional layer worn underneath uniform pants or shorts.  However, the fabric used is extremely lightweight and quick-drying. This means that moisture (your sweat) travels through the fabric to the outer edge and dries quickly. This process helps keep you cool and dry longer.  Unlike cotton where moisture soaks into the fibers of the garment, weighs you down, and holds in all of your heat.  Also, Sliding Pants are designed to be worn as an all-in-one base layer to help cut down on overall layers worn (i.e. sliding shorts, knee pads, athletic strap and in some cases, a base underwear). 

What other sports can I use Sliding Pants for?
Sliding Pants were designed originally for baseball and softball players.  However, we've found sliders work great for sports such as football, basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, long/skate boarding, dirt bike riding, and obstacle course races.

Free shipping?
YES!!  We now offer free shipping on all orders $50 and up.  This offer is only available for purchases and deliveries within the United States.

Thank you and good luck this season! Slide Safe!