How it Works

Muchera baseball and softball Sliding Pants are an all-in-one protective performance pant that fits under your uniform or shorts similar to sliding shorts. However, we're extending the protection to your knees and shins.   

The days are gone where you have to dress in uniform pants or shorts, on top of sliding shorts, on top of the athletic supporter and strap, on top of your underwear and along with separate knee pads. That's 5-6 different products on your body slowing and weighing you down and potentially decreasing performance. 

Imagine if your current pair of sliding shorts offered built in compression fit knee pads along with the usual pocket for an athletic supporter (men) and all the normal breathable and moisture removing material you've grown to love.  Now you can confidently play the game and slide and dive all over the field knowing your lower half is protected from abrasions by cutting down the weight and bulk. Now that's confidence! 

Here's how it works...

For High School and College Baseball / Softball Players
- If you're serious about your game, then you already have the best equipment.  Any legal product to help you gain an edge is readily available in your arsenal. Until now, you likely currently own a pair of sliding shorts to protect your thighs and hips, but what about your knees and shins? Using knee pads? Why not combine the two into one protective compression fit garment? Plus, Muchera Sliding Pants offers a sense of confidence.  The tight compression feel along with the sense of protection can truly take your game to the next level. You'll feel like a super hero out on the bases! 

For the Pro Athlete
- Don't knock it until you try it. The world knows most pro athletes love the feel of compression fit gear.  Fans see you wearing it on television every night with that bright logo sticking out. What we don't see is the gear you wear under your uniform pants to protect your lower half. Imagine stealing second base on Andy Pettitte. You get that rare but huge jump and see the opportunity to slide feet first to the outside of the bag.  You'd rather not have a knee contusion to slow you down later in the game, so Muchera Sliding Pants will ensure that confidence. 

For Adult Recreational League Softball - If you're like me, you probably couldn't hack it in college or the pros but you love the game of baseball so much that you've simply retired to your local adult softball leagues. It may not be college or the pros, but don't get it twisted! These leagues are super competitive and sometimes down right scary.  Make no mistake about it. If you're gearing up for a softball game, even though it's "just for fun", you still want to go out there and perform and feel good about yourself. Muchera Sliding Pants offers that confidence and are designed to look awesome under shorts during those hot summer days!

For Little Leaguers (boys and girls) - Simply wear your sliding pants above your undergarment but under your uniform pants. When you slide, you don't have to depend on that thin layer of baseball or softball pants to protect you. A thin layer of cotton is not strong or thick enough to save your knees from abrasions when sliding on rough dirt and sometimes gravel. Youth Sliding Pants coming soon!