Size Chart

If you are deciding on your first pair of sliding pants, overall fit should be your #1 priority.  Our slider can be a bit tricky to determine the correct size and we're still working to get the sizing perfect!  So many different body types out there.  Since we're all built differently by length and width, you'll want to choose a size that will be comfortable but continue to allow for a full range of motion during the game.  Some things to consider...
1. In regards to waist - Best to stick with your normal size.  If you wear a medium in most compression shorts, pants, undergarments, etc., then go with a medium.
2. Remember, compression material can stretch OR shrink to your particular size.  So if you feel you're between sizes, its just a matter of how much tightness you can handle. Tighter is better....
3. In regards to length - You'll want the compressed knee pad to cover the top of your knee cap down to the mid to lower shin (about mid calf).  If the length of your slider is too short, you may want to consider moving up a size (if you're already in between). Its too short when the top of the knee pads sits 2-3+ inches above your knee cap. 
If you're unsure about size, contact us at, include your stats (height, weight, build type) and we'll suggest the best size.
Sizing ideas for Men considering different inseam length per size.  We suggest...
5'5" or less = SM
5'5 - 5'9" = MD
5'10" - 6'3", thin - athletic build = LG
5'10" - 6'3",  a little extra padding but still athletic build = XL
6'1"+,  a little extra padding and/or athletic build = XXL
6'3"+, go XL or XXL depending on waist size