Taylor Hoagland

Fishkill, NY, September 4, 2013 – Muchera, Founder and Designer, Mike Kuchera  announced an endorsement agreement for former University of Texas player and current Amherst College Assistant Softball Coach Taylor Hoagland.

Here's Taylor's Bio:


We're extremely excited to partner with Taylor to help take Muchera to the next level. The potential synergy between our innovative brand of softball performance gear and the obvious talents and accomplishments of Taylor, make this a no-brainer match!

"I am honored to be part of Muchera and thankful they have given me this opportunity," said Hoagland.  "I look forward to working with Muchera to help develop the best products for players at all levels."

Starting this fall, Taylor will be featured in several online ads and promotions for Muchera.  Taylor is headed to New York this week for a photo shoot and some photos could be periodically released leading up to the launch.

Muchera, established in 2013, is a sports apparel brand start-up committed to providing innovative baseball and softball performance gear.  Muchera's patent pending Men's and Women's baseball and softball Sliding Pants are a 3/4 length, all-in-one, compression fit undergarment with moisture wicking abilities designed to protect athletes from abrasions when sliding and diving.  Muchera Sliding Pants have the unique ability to develop confidence and increase positive performance on the field without sacrificing style, comfort, and/or mobility.

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